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McLaren GT, defy the limits

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For the adventurer that enjoys the grand tour, meet the McLaren GT. Luxury isn't just about letting worn-out traditions hold you back — ideally, it should motivate you to move forward. Reimagining the breed at every turn, the superlight GT is built for the excitement of transcontinental travel, complete with generous space for all of your luggage, and offers drivers and passengers alike a thrilling yet enjoyable ride. The key ingredients that make the McLaren brand stand out among the rest are reimagined and applied in modern, innovative ways and then are coupled with power and performance to create the lightest and quickest acceleration possible in this class. So for more time for what you love and more space for what you need, choose the McLaren GT, because it turns out you can indeed have it all. You've never seen a Grand Tourer like this one...

A Supercar for a New Era

McLaren GT Highlights

What makes this McLaren truly unique is the light frame with which it was built. With a Bespoke MonoCell II-T carbon fibre chassis for maximum strength but minimum weight, it's perfect for touring with power, speed and efficiency. Not heavy and cumbersome, you can achieve maximum performance with minimum effort in the GT. In fact, it's hundreds of kilograms lighter than most others on the road, while still bringing the thrills of a McLaren around every curve with superior handling..

With a sleek yet purposeful profile, the McLaren GT brings a delightful beauty and balance to the road ahead. Gracefully beckoning you to drive, it goes where no other clunky Grand Tourer has gone before — offering the comfort of these past GT models but with the acute performance of a McLaren supercar. The chiseled rear haunches accommodate the vital air intakes, and a completely flat underbody assists in generating downforce for incredible high-speed stability you'll have to experience to believe.

Performance is the cornerstone of the McLaren brand. And the GT is no exception — poised and ready for any challenge, try to remember to breathe again after you take it for its first spin. One of the key strengths of the new GT is its straight line stability, and it inspires confidence as scenery flashes by. The McLaren 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine comes with innovative new aluminium pistons as well as ultra-low inertia twin turbochargers, unlocking more efficiency and offering you seamless power every time. Sheer Supercar performance awaits behind the wheel of the GT.

Strikingly modern and prepared for any exploration you might want to embark on, the cabin of the GT is a true masterpiece of tangible luxury. Even the space for your luggage is immaculately trimmed and spacious enough for everything you may need, while the comfortable seats trimmed with advanced, durable SuperFabric® complete the ideally designed ergonomic space. Refinement surrounds you in every sense and makes you reconsider how luxurious a supercar can be.

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